Absen Virtual Studio LED Solutions

The best choice for
film studio & XR stage

What is the LED digital
virtual Studio?

The most advanced LED display cooperates with virtual filming system, spatial positioning system and real-time rendering system to deliver astonishing professional video making effect in assistance and supplementary with people-focused operation.


The advantages of LED digital virtual studios

LED display may help cast members to merge in quickly and an immersive shooting environment can be created.

  • Left:Multiple modes are available for one set and instant adjustment can be achieved automatically, day or night, sunny or cloudy.
  • Right:Simulation of natural lights can enable the sunlight in all directions.

Absen virtual studio LED solutions

Absen’s LED solution provides 10 bits or 12 bits @input and 16 bits @LED output and supports HDR; it is able to reproduce 80%-90% Rec.2020 Color Gamuts; the frame rate of LED videos in the highest frame rate mode can reach 144 frames per second, which effectively reduces the visual fluency problems of fast turning contents at high speed and fulfills synchronized filming with high speed cameras.
16 Bit
144 FPS
3840 HZ

Absen LED display products for virtual

PL Series (Main Screen and Ceiling)

· Supporting HDR10, 16 bits and 1500nit brightness
· In the case of more illuminated set, the dynamic contrast can be enhanced to deliver more powerful visual impact with finer images and stunning details.


MR Series (Floor Tiles)

High frame strength, high force bearing capability, flexible installation combinations to create florid staging effect with tampering glasses


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