A Series

A Series

10000nit High Brightness Energy-saving LED Display
· Pixel Pitch: P4 / P6 / P8 / P10 / P16
· Panel Material: Aluminum

Application Scenarios

Street Furniture
Digital Sign
Transit Center

Saving 50% Energy

Low power consumption
Low heat dissipation
Longer lifespan

Extremely Real Display Performance

High Brightness :10000nit
High Refresh Rate :3840+ Hz
High Gray Scale:16bit

Multi-layered Water Resistant Design

Involving Modules/Panels/Power Boxes to Ensure Safety

Unveiling a New Era of Visibility with 10000nit High Brightness - Crystal Clear Images in Even the Strongest Sunlight

Images remain clear and bright, even in strong, outdoor, direct sunlight.
The A Series provides excellent display quality, longer product life cycles, and excellent durability.

Thin Panels Make Transportation More Convenient and Save on Transportation Costs

Save One/fourth Steel Frame

Suitable for arc splicing of various angles & Naked eye 3D project

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