LED solutions are used in a wide range of markets, including retail, commercial display, rental & staging, DOOH, corporate and more. Discover the Absen LED solutions that will suit your needs and explore the possibilities.




Absen DOOH LED display solutions bring your brand advertising to life.

Rental & Staging

Absen's rental & staging LED products cater to versatile indoor/outdoor events and virtual production, creating immersive visual effects for diversified stages and shooting environments.


Upgrade your corporate environment with Absen's seamless and reliable LED solutions.


Enhance customer engagement and brand recognition with Absen's interactive and creative LED displays.
commercial display

Commercial Display

Make an impression with Absen's high-quality and customizable LED displays for commercial spaces.


Entering a new era of smart education with high brightness, big sizes, ultra-clear LED screens.


Absen sports LED display solutions built to stand out on stadium.


Rich broadcasting presentation forms, increasingly interactive, providing a better visual experience.


Efficiently achieve data visualization presentation, facilitate government units to timely and effectively mobilize various resources.
religious sites

Religious Sites

Create unforgettable worship experiences with Absen's visually stunning LED displays for places of worship.


Helping places of worship advance their message through LED Technology.

House of Worship Display Solutions

Helping Places of Worship Advance Their Message Through LED Technology.

Contemporary Worship Venue

Worship teams can use audio-visual technology to create a lively and welcoming atmosphere for their congregation, drawing them into the experience and making worship more visually appealing and professional. This helps everyone feel more involved and connected.

Key Requirements

•   Screens that are safe and easy to set up, with controls that are simple to use and allow for syncing with other elements of the service.
•   A delicate and pure audio system, accompanied by a stage lighting control system that can preset lighting effects to correspond with the rhythm.
•   Professional-grade cameras for filming services and events.

Recommended Core Display Product

PL V2 Series

Lightweight Design for Effortless Use
The PL V2 series offers two sizes: 500x500mm and 500x1000mm, with panel dimensions in multiples of 500mm, the PL V2 series facilitates quick calculation of screen size. The panels are thin and lightweight for easy operation.
Stunning High-definition Display
With a grayscale up to 16bit, the PL V2 series enables the display of most delicate details. A refresh rate of over 3840Hz is featured to deliver the premium image quality in camera or live-stream without scan lines. The PL V2 series supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) display, capable of producing more realistic and colorful images.
Ultra-black Technology
Absen Ultra-black Technology delivers amazing in-camera performance by effectively reducing the light reflection on the surface and improving the contrast ratio, letting images vividly displayed in detail.
Creative Curved Installation
The PL V2 series can realize curve connection from -7.5° convex to +10° concave for an innovative and artistic visual performance.
Modular Design for Easy Maintenance
The PL V2 series adopts a modular design to realize full front and rear maintenance. The magnetic module comes with a delicate handle and the independent power box can be instantly removed with one press, making the operation easier.

Scheme topology

Powerful Visual Display

The integration of large LED screens alongside auxiliary LED screens significantly amplifies the worship message. Whether showcasing videos, images, or text, everything is presented in stunning high definition and vibrant colors, offering an immersive and captivating visual experience for the congregation.

High Adaptability
With the ability to change the LED wall layout as needed, the LED wall can be used for multiple events. From religious ceremonies to music events, lectures, or cultural events, the system seamlessly supports and presents each, ensuring flawless execution tailored to the occasion.
Convenient and Efficient Operation
With centralized control through lighting consoles and audio mixers, operators can effortlessly fine-tune lighting and sound effects, enabling swift transitions and precise adjustments. This unified approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also streamlines management.
Exceptional Sound Quality
The incorporation of professional audio equipment significantly enriches the worship experience. Ensuring clarity and fidelity in speeches, singing, or musical performances, the sound system delivers unparalleled quality, offering the audience an extraordinary worship experience.
Rich Lighting Effects

Combining moving heads, wash lights, and various stage lighting elements, the system enhances visual effects for church performances and activities. Flexibly adjustable to suit different scenes and atmospheres, the lighting setup creates a distinctive stage ambiance, heightening audience engagement and immersion.

Traditional Worship Space

To enrich the worship experience, strengthen the sense of community, and reduce maintenance tasks.

Key Requirements

•   A large, visually engaging screen with deep blacks, vibrant colors, and excellent build quality.
•   The display should offer a wide viewing angle for the entire congregation.
•   An intuitively manageable system allowing comprehensive control from a single device.
•   An easy playback mode for effortless management.

Recommended Core Display Product

NX Series

16:9 Large Cabinet Design, Sleek and Lightweight
The NX series boasts a 960mm*540mm size, featuring a 43-inch large cabinet design with a pixel ratio of 16:9. With a slim profile of just 43. 5mm thickness and a mere 20kg per square meter weight, its ultra-thin and lightweight construction enhances the user experience.
Amazing Color Management Technology
Absen’s professional color management technology makes the color of the NX series more textured and natural. It supports high grayscale display at low brightness, and details can be revealed even in low brightness condition.
Blue Light and Radiation Protection
Endorsed by TÜV Rheinland for low blue light certification, the technology effectively filters harmful blue rays, safeguarding eye health from potential damage caused by high-energy short-wave blue light. Additionally, meeting EMC Class B residential standards, it minimizes electromagnetic radiation exposure, further ensuring human health protection.
Dual Brightness Configuration
Dual brightness configurations, with brightness up to 800nits for normal brightness and up to 1500nits for high brightness.

Scheme topology

Absen Direct View LED Benefits
The immersive LED wall acts as an instant hub for sharing information about church events, teachings, and worship imagery providing worshippers with a fully immersive and clear religious experience. Whether it’s showing text, images, or videos, the LED wall effectively gets the message across to everyone attending, making communication smoother and more effective.
Elevated Sense of Ceremony and Reverence
During various church events like sermons, worship sessions, and weddings, the LED wall can display fitting imagery and incorporate music to match the mood, creating a deeper sense of respect and solemnity. This atmosphere helps strengthen the religious feelings of the congregation, encouraging them to actively engage in the events.
Improved Sound Quality
When an LED wall is paired with a properly integrated sound system, the message stays clear. A well-designed audio system not only enhances the listening experience for worshippers, but also intensifies the emotional impact of worship.
Effortless Management and Control
Thanks to the broadcast control system, overseeing and managing the LED screen and sound system is a breeze, allowing church staff to easily tweak equipment settings and parameters. This flexibility and convenience boost operational efficiency in the church, while also guaranteeing worshippers receive top-tier services.
Controlling and managing the LED wall and sound system is very intuitive. The software interface allows those who are skilled as well as those who are just learning audio video systems to operate the LED wall and audio system with ease. This flexibility and convenience enhance operational efficiency in the church, while also ensuring worshippers receive a professionally presented message.

List of Product Specifications

Physical Parameter
LED Type
Pixel Pitch (mm)
Panel Dimensions (WxHxD)/(mm)
Optoelectronic Parameter
Brightness (nit)
Refresh Rate (Hz)
Contrast Ratio
PL 1.9 Plus V2
PL 2.5 Plus V2
PL 2.5 Pro V2
PL 2.9 Plus V2
PL 3.9 Plus V2
Physical Parameter
LED Type
Pixel Pitch (mm)
Panel Dimensions (WxHxD)/(mm)
Optoelectronic Parameter
Brightness (nit)
Refresh Rate (Hz)
Contrast Ratio

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