Jupiter V2


Ultra-lightweight Transparent Display

The Lightest Display for Touring Professionals

The JP V2 Series pursues the ultimate lightweight design while maintaining a high level of transparency.

Fit for Outdoor Use

The JP V2 Series features a remarkable transparency of up to 50%, which is excellent for enhancing the visuals of large-scale outdoor performances.The JP V2 Series boasts an unmatched display quality with a brightness of 4500nits, 16-bit greyscale, and a refresh rate of 7680Hz, engaging the audience with its vibrant imagery and exceptional performance.

Ultra-lightweight But Durable

With its feather-light structure, the Jupiter V2 Series rewrites standards in the industry.The JP V2 Series is less than 10.8kg per ㎡, allowing for vertical installation as high as 20m due to its high-strength composite structure. The JP V2 Series utilizes a sophisticated composite structure design, ensuring adherence to the most demanding standards of durability and accuracy.

Modular Design for Easy Maintenance

The JP V2 series simplifies maintenance with a modular design that modules can be quickly and easily replaced. Its integrated power box is secured to the housing with quick-release toggle latches for easy tool-free removal and replacement.

Optional Light Shadier for Opaque Requirements

The JP V2 series is recommended for ceilings due to its high brightness, which provides optimal lighting effects.The optional light shadier is provided for the opaque requirement.

L-Shape Display

The JP V2 series features a 45° cut edge design on both left and right sides, making L-shaped creative displays easily accessible.

Hanging and Stacking Installation

The JP V2 Series offers a wide range of installation options, including hanging and stacking, allowing customers to customise the stage to the unique needs of any event space.The maximum height for hanging installation is up to 20m.

Hanging Installation

Vertical mixed connection

Stacking Installation

Reserved connection hole for stacking installation

Magnets Support Setup

The JP V2 series is designed with magnets on the top and bottom of the cabinet to automatically support cabinet connections during installation.

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