MR Series

  • Deep black tempered glass surface

    Creating a dreamy stage effect

  • 6374571923014959096792407.png

    Quick installation & easy maintenance

    Modular design, directly built to ground, Convenient front service

Thinner panel, shorter slope

The panel is about 10%~30% thinner than the regular one, which requires shorter slope for climbing.

Easy to get your floor stage setup

0~20mm adjustable corner feet, adaptive to rough floor surface

Sidelock for convenient panel connection

High-intensity frame Strong load capacity

The high-intensity frame design guarantees the safety and sturdiness, which can bear a load of 2500kg/㎡ approximately.

Tempered glass design for gorgeous and shining effect

The surface is made of highly polished deep black tempered glass, which is not only easy to clean, but also leads to a more colorful reflection under the same light, creating a dreamy stage effect.

Support multiple installation

Support multiple installation


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