New A series outdoor

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    Ultra High Brightness

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    Ultra-low power consumption

New A Series

The lowest operation cost throughout the product’s lifecycle , your first choice for Midrange and high-end DOOH LED display

A-03.png Pixel Pitch:P4/ P6/ P8/ P10
A-03.png Panel Material:Aluminum
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Major Application Scenarios

  • Spectacular

  • Street furniture

  • DOOH display

  • Digital Sign

  • Transit Area

  • DOOH (Sports)

Ultra High Brightness and Long-lasting Anti-attenuation Ability

LED lamp with ultra high brightness
High image quality even under direct sunlight
Long-lasting Anti-attenuation Ability

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Ultra-low power consumption featuring a 40% reduction

Common cathode circuit allows ultra-low power consumption *
Fanless design further reduces energy consumption
Compared with previous products, power cost is reduced by nearly 40%

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Strong Lightweight Design Ensures
Stability and Reliability 

Solid and Reliable Water Resistant Performance
Powerful cooling ensures components have longer service lives
High quality power supplies ensure stability and efficiency
perating Temperature Range: -40℃ to 50℃
High brightness lamp are used in the whole series, ensuring steady long-lasting performance

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Vivid Picture with a Wide Field of View for Advertising

stable and natural images
Diversified and saturated colors with smooth transitions
Dynamic and vivid images

A series-09.png

Fast installation, minimum labor required for front and rear maintenance

Only 3 steps needed for front installation wall mount
Only 2 steps needed for rear installation
Only 3 steps needed for front maintenance for components
30 second front module disassembly
30 second rear module disassembly

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Lightweight panel makes transportation and deployment easy

Aluminum profile panel
Ultrathin panel saves space
Half the weight of traditional products
Reducing the cost of steel structures by nearly 25%,

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