KLCOB Series

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    Full protection

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    Flip Chip Technology

KLCOB Series

Professional COB LED Display , features the flip-chip technology. Black, brilliant, cool, strong,born for revolutionary visual experience

LED Type: flip-chip RGB

Pixel Pitch: 0.9mm, 1.2mm,1.5mm

Panel Dimensions (W*H*D) : 600*337.5*39.3mm

Support FHD, 4K, 8K resolution

Flip Chip COB Technology

X3 Contrast boost
X4 Surface stronger
50% Lower failure rate
40% More energy efficient

Extraordinary Deep Blacks

  The surface is covered with a black coating of polymer material, which brings amazing black consistency, bringing a deep and pure black, which improves the visual performance to an unprecedented level 

Intense black immersion, Perfect black consistency 

Better flatness, Non glaring, no reflection

Capture Every Brilliance

  With multiple Absen technologies for image optimization, the brilliance is fully captured for incredible immersiveness, recreating the grandeur of nature in a most realistic way

Stay Cool, Enjoy More

  Thanks to the full flip-chip COB technology and Absen’s HBB common cathode technology, the KLCOB can always stay cool, without heat to the touch or undesired rise in room temperature, creating a fantastic visual world of great comfort

Strong against External Impact

  The panel-level packaging technique forms an ultra-strong protective structure against all external impacts, ensuring reliable performance around the clock,bringing ever-present brilliance.

Maximize Your View

  The KLCOB cabinet adopts a 16:9 display ratio which can be easily spliced into 2K, 4K or 8K screens for a truly immersive viewing experience.

Easy on the eye

  The full flip-chip COB technology can reduce pixel graininess , makes the light softer and uniform, meaning your eyes won't tire even when watching the screen for a long time

Quick and Easy Assembly

  Supporting multiple installations ,stacking , wall-mounting ,hanging and 90° splicing ,which can meet the demands of various environments


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