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Absen Inc Releases New Website


Absen Inc. has relaunched its US website: with a new look and features, including an interactive screen calculator. Over the past year, the team has worked hard to make the website more aesthetically and practical for our visitors and clients.


The product section of the website features Absen products by 4 main categories: Commercial Display, Rental & Staging, DOOH, and Data Visualization. Here users are able to learn about Absen products based on the needs of their project. They are also able to download brochures and cutsheets as they learn the specs of each product.



Absen LED screen calculator 



The highlight of the website is the updated screen calculator. This tool is for integrators and end users to calculate Absen LED Products with their prospective project. It starts with the user knowing what size they want their wall to be. After filling in the parameters of the prospective wall, they would choose the Absen product they are wanting to use for their project. On the right side of the screen is a demonstration screen of how the project would look like for reference purposes. The calculator gives the client the everything needed for project, including the panel and resolutions dimensions and the amount of power needed for the project. Users are also able to print out a copy of the configuration and speak with an Absen representative about the project.


Other key sections of the website include:

  • Showcase page – highlights of Absen projects within the 4 main Absen categories

  • Markets page – How Absen products fit within specific industries such broadcasting, house of worship, and Touring, just to name a few.

  • Support page - highlights information on Absen warranty, service, and repair. Absen’s ACE Training is also included in this section with dates for the currently virtual engineering sessions.

  • About Absen – company information including news, videos, and awards the company has received over the years

  • Contact – How to contact Absen as well as Career opportunities.



Absen welcomes feedback on the website as we strive to make it better for users and clients alike. For more information on the website, contact