NX Series

Unparalleled visual experience

  • 16: 9
    Aspect ratio
  • HDR10
    Image processing technology
    Image tech
  • Precise floating
    Bright and dark lines adjustment
  • Dual backup version
    Power and data redundancy
  • 45° small panel
    Creative shape
  • EMC Class B
    Civil use level
  • Hidden wiring design
    For front/rear installation
  • Front/rear maintenance
    Module, PSU, receiving card, etc.
Striking “X” Design

As a symbol of infinite possibilites, the letter "X" is featured as a design element on the panel. The X's come together to form a "honeycomb," an Absen brand element. This unique design conveys Absen's confidence in its display expertise and product quality.

As a symbol of infinite possibilities, letter “X” becomes an exterior design element, and the Xs will form a “honeycomb”, an Absen brand element.

Superior 4K/8K Visual Experience

The NX series adopts a 16:9 golden ratio design to improve viewing comfort, and has a variety of pixel pitches to provide customers with
more high-definition options.

*Best viewing distance, for reference only.
Dual Brightness Configuration

Dual brightness configuration allows customers to choose the appropriate brightness version according to the actual application scenario.

*NX1.5 only has normal brightness version.
Amazing Color Management Technology
A5C+ Calibration Technology
High Grayscale at Low Brightness
Amazing Color
Absen’s professional color management technology makes the color of the NX series more textured and natural.
A5C+ Calibration
A5C+ pixel by pixel calibration technology eliminates the difference in brightness and chromaticity within and between panels, improving the uniformity of the display and reproducing flawless images.
High Grayscale at
Low Brightness
The NX series supports high grayscale display at low brightness, and details can be revealed even in low brightness condition.
Flexible 45° Edge-Cutting Small Panel

Special 45° edge-cutting small panel provides more possibilities for creativity.

Creative Splicing Stimulates
More Inspiration
Multiple Installation Solutions

NX series provides hanging, wall-mounting and steel structure stacking installation solutions to fit in all use scenarios.

Use Scenario

The NX series is very thin and flexible, and can be widely used in various commercial display scenarios.

Chain store
Transportation hub
*NX series complies with CE, ETL, FCC, CCC, EMC Class B standards.