Worship Facilities Conference & Expo 2016 in Louisville

The Worship Facilities Conference and Expo recently held its two day event in Louisville Kentucky. WFX brings together churches of all sizes and traditions to educate them about the newest and latests technologies. This event offers education, hands-on training, networking, inspiration and exposure to ever ministry team, including worship, tech, and facilities.

From the earliest frescos and stained glass, churches have used art to spread His word. Absen is proud to further that tradition. Our LED walls are a blank canvas that churches can use to convey His message and engage the congregation with amazing visuals. LEDs have become the new standard for House of Worship displays and Absen presented a variety of LEDs at WFX.

The N Series, Absen’s popular permanent indoor installation screen was present. The N2 and the N4 was placed side by side for attendees to compare the 2mm pitch difference. The N-Series’ thin profile makes it simple to mount directly to the wall.

The A2Pro is an update to our best seller A3Pro. This mobile product can be quickly installed and dismantled to transform any church show into a major event. The A2Pro is perfect to take on the road and bring His message to an even wider audience.

A2Pros are selling so fast that it is almost impossible to keep them in stock, so Absen partner CPR Multimedia Solutions helped out by providing the A2Pro for the show.

Headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland, CPR is an experienced solution provider  that understand houses of worship and tailors solutions to meet churches needs.

Absen proudly joins with CPR and WFX in helping houses of worship unleash their creativity and successfully convey His message.

Join us next year in Dallas Texas for WFX 2017!

House of Worship content at WFX2016

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Absen is one of the world’s largest and most financially secure LED display manufacturer. Our Orlando, FL office continues its expansion offering Sales, Marketing, Parts & Service Support to our growing network of business partners.

CPR MultiMedia Solutions
CPR MultiMedia Solutions has been taking the mystery out of “state of the art” for over 25 years. They master the newest hardware and software for sharing visual information even before it hits the market.
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Worship Facilities Conference and Expo, WFX
Education and training on new tools and technologies, meaningful networking, and exposure to innovative ideas for ministry and management are all a part of the inspiration, guidance and support offered to attendees.
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