Muskogee is a small city situated on the Arkansas River in the grasslands of Oklahoma an hour away from Tulsa and just over two hours away from Oklahoma City. Not many people would think that this quite town also happens to be the location for an up and coming music festival that boosts such headliners as Need to Breathe, Creedence Clearwater Revisited, DJ Candyland and Blackberry Smoke.

Started two years ago by Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame’s executive director, Jim Blair, the Muskogee G Fest is a 3-day event that takes place in mid-June at Hatbox Field which prior to the festival sat empty for years. Convincing the city of Muskogee did take some time and multiple proposal presentations by Mr. Blair himself before they agreed to invest $3.2 million to make the festival a reality.

The festival consists of 4 stages that feature more than 80+ bands, which many of the artists are from Oklahoma themselves. For 2017, Jim and his production team wanted to attract more of the millennial age group in which they added a late night EDM event featuring Santa Barbara based DJ and producer Candyland aka Josie Martin. Enter in national staging and production company, Titan Standard.

Titan Standard has been involved with the music festival since the beginning in which they provided the IMAG screen for the main stage featuring 60 of Absen’s X5 outdoor LED panels. For 2017, the festival expanded their role beyond the main stage and looked to them for help in creating an immersive environment for the EDM night.

Similar to other major EDM festivals, LED played a significant role in helping create a visual spectacle around the DJ artist to further enhance the high-energy music experience. For DJ Candyland, Titan Standard and the festival team utilized a hanger structure on the property to house the event.

Inside the hanger, Titan used Absen’s X5 and A2Pro LED panels to dress up the stage and DJ booth. For the video wall located directly behind DJ Candyland, Titan Standard used a total of 38 Absen X5 tiles. The Titan team also created a custom design of six individual LED strips, three per side, each strip made up of A2Pro LED tiles. “The LED along with the lighting and audio elements created the perfect EDM environment,” stated Nathan Smith, Partner at Titan Standard . “We couldn’t have been more pleased, but most importantly, so was our client!”