Every three years thousands of college students along with hundreds of missionaries from around the world gather together for the World Missions Summit Conference (TWMS). This year more than 6,000 attendees came together in Houston, TX at the George R. Brown Convention Center to mark the 4th TWMS focusing on God’s mission to reach the lost around the globe.

In preparation for this mega 3-day conference, producers Chi Alpha Campus Ministries USA and Assemblies of God World Missions, brought in staging and production experts, Titan Standard to design, build and operate all of the staging, lighting and audio components including live video production. While Titan Standard had worked with the organization before, this was their first time managing its key event and they were more than ready to make it the best event ever.

Working with the production team on the initial concept, Titan Standard developed a unique visual design for the main stage.  This key design not only reinforced the conference’s motivational message in ‘reaching for the summit’, but also an engaging way to display the 400 pieces of custom content created by Titan’s sister company, Diffinity, a full service creative agency.

The Main Stage
Boasting a total resolution of 3192 x 1680, the center summit structure was the focal design point for the event. Utilizing 100 Absen A2Pro LED video wall panels, this design showcased the custom content for each of the five ‘Gatherings’ that featured key speakers. Two smaller summits were rigged on the left and right of the center summit, each featuring 12 Absen A2Pro tiles. To create the peak portion of each summit, Titan built custom light boxes with RGB light tape on the insides. During musical numbers, the two smaller summits housed various members of the worship band such as the drummer and keyboardist.

“On past projects, we’ve used a higher pixel pitch LED panels behind talent, however you could see the individual pixels on the camera feed,” Said Craig Huddleston, Partner at Titan Standard. “For TWMS, we wanted to go smaller and as we were already happy with our Absen X5 inventory, we naturally looked at other Absen products in which we found the A2Pro.” As Titan Standard was already accustom to the ecosystem of the processors and the setup, integrating the A2Pro into their inventory was a breeze.

Sharing the good word
With any massive event, it is important to ensure everyone has a view of what is taking place on stage as well as showcasing the message slides, sermon notes, and worship lyrics clearly. In order to do this, Titan utilized 144 Absen X5 LED panels to create the IMAG side screens along with 62 Absen A2Pro panels for the delay video screens. Titan used a total of 8 Novastar ProHD processors to feed the content to the various panels.

“Throughout the course of the event we heard numerous comments about how great the walls looked on camera,” said Huddleston. “It was truly flawless and we couldn’t have been any happier with the quality of Absen and our investment of the A2Pro panels into our inventory.”