Despite the limited space, the studio is like a window for viewers to see the great world. Whether it is creating a new world via virtual and XR technology or hosting a simple talk show, Absen's LED display solutions for studios help deliver valuable information to viewers with striking and engaging visual content, help the public to listen to different voices and explore the diverse and beautiful world with their eyes and ears.


1. Accurate calibration and quick operation: Absen LED display has the leading brightness and color calibration technology.

2. Space-saving and 4K compatibility: Minimum pixel pitch for the new MiniLED series is 1.5mm, and 4K and 8K can be easily achieved with only 6.1m x 3.4m and 12.2m x 3.4m configuration.

3. Excellent image quality and broadcasting reliability: The professional high refresh rate and high gray scale ensuring the smooth transmission of the content.

4. Support for the HDR10 standard: The leading UltraBlack technology enhances contrast ratio and allows for rich image details that can be presented and retained in both live broadcast and rebroadcast scenarios.


5. Better user experience and more energy-efficient: IMD four-in-one technology provides higher pixel density, thus creating picture of high brightness and better visual experience. At the same time, the innovative common cathode technology helps save more energy by reducing energy consumption by 20% while enhancing the contrast ratio by 20%.

6.  Noiseless design, better for live broadcast: Fanless design of Absen’s LED displays reduces the running noise and gives the broadcast users a comfortable working environment.

7.  Absen’s LED solution provides 10 bits or 12 bits @input and 16 bits @LED output and supports HDR; the frame rate of LED videos in the highest frame rate mode can reach 144 frames per second, which effectively reduces the visual fluency problems of fast turning contents at high speed and fulfills synchronized filming with high-speed cameras.

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