Billboard & Digital Signage

Creative messaging is how advertisers promote their brands and gain market share. Let the method be an Absen DOOH solution. Billboard and Digital signage LED incorporate bright colors and vivid imagery while conveying the advertisers targeted message to the audience, which yields to sale performance and greater brand recognition. Whether it’s a standard size outdoor LED display for a shopping mall, enhance your advertising message with an Absen LED display by creating high impact visual experiences that reach multiple clients per day. Monitor and change that message by remote control meanwhile, high brightness with lower consumption will catch the eyes of clients. Absen’s line of DOOH LED be the light that opens doors. 

Features of applications in Billboard:

1. High brightness, clearly visible in direct sunlight

2. Auto adjustment of brightness with the ambient light

3. Wide viewing angle, wide color gamut, rich color

4. High protection level for all weathers

5. Environment-friendly and energy efficient for 7/24/365 work

6. Low power consumption and long lifespan

Features of applications in Signage:

1. Rich color, rendering refined pictures that stand close viewing  

2. Wide visual angle, excellent color reproduction  

3. Capability of remote content management including editing, releasing and programing.

4. Energy saving and environment-friendly, less power consumption 

5. Easy to install and maintain services

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