With the development of technology, people are having higher demand on visual appearance, which brings the digitalization of broadcasting & TV station to a new stage. The LED display with rich color, high definition and powerful visual impact is quickly becoming the new standard of major radio & television stations and occupying a seat in this field. The broadcasting, television, and film display system, especially the production-level and broadcast-level display product, have the strictest requirements for display.

Features of applications in broadcast:

1. High contrast, faster response speed, and high refresh rate for high-speed moving image display.

2. Broadcast friendly solution with seemless information clarity.

3. High gray level reduction display, high refresh rate, high consistency and uniformity in low brightness.

4. High uniformity, rich gradation, excellent color reproduction.

5. High brightness and adaptability to ambient light.

6. Over NTSC color gamut, wonderful color performance.

7. Allow 24 hours of uninterrupted operation.

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