Absen LED displays that provide dynamic, bright and rich content format for corporations and other entities to deliver their messaging through broadcast, control room, conference room, lobby display and showroom. With high brightness and lower power consumption, companies can communicate across the globe as well as monitor and engage in business.

1.    Broadcast

2.    Control Room

3.    Conference Room

4.    Lobby Display

5.    Showroom

Features of applications in Corporation:

1. High contrast, faster response speed, and high refresh rate for high-speed moving image display.

2. Curved Display capability to present a wide viewing angle

3. High gray level reduction display, high refresh rate, high consistency in low brightness

4. High uniformity, rich gradation, excellent color reproduction

5. High brightness and adaptability to ambient light

6. Over NTSC color gamut, wonderful color performance

7. Allow 24 hours of uninterrupted operation   

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