HC Series

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    Sub-1 mm Mini LED Solution

    IMD 4 in 1 package with high durability

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    Easy Maintenance and High Reliability

    with optional dual data & power redundancy

Product Features

- 27” size , 16:9, easy to build FHD/4K display
- Sub-1mm MiniLED solution for close view scenario
- Optional data and power redundancy
- Easy installation and maintenance

Art of Design

- Enhanced visual experience with CrystalView technology and high refresh rate
- Buffer mechanism providing bottom protection
- Hidden cable connections and beehive rear cover design. A wall, but also an art
- Dual power and data, more reliable and more confident

4 in 1 Pixel Integration

IMD Integrated Packaging | Strong Mounted Strength | Convenient Maintenance


Simple and easy maintenance

Modular design makes maintenance efficient and easy



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