Natural Born Hitters Tour with Ja Rule & Ashanti

Ja Rule and Ashanti are taking us back to the dawn of the millennium as they go on tour this summer. The duo will have 14 concerts in 11 cities throughout 8 states this August and September. “What’s Luv” got to do with it? Absen Luvs to be supporting the duo as they tour the nation.

KM Productions and its production team are the masterminds providing audio, lighting and visuals. When it comes to visuals, the Absen panels “Rock Wit U” all night. This 80 panel A3 Pro screen is the backdrop for JaRule and Ashanti as they sing some of their chart-topping hits.

Not only are the visuals impressive, install and teardown is quick and easy. “With a high demand for reliability and quality on the road, the Absen A3 Pro was unquestionably the best fit!” said Production Manager, Michael Wurtz. With over 30,000 panels sold globally the A3Pro was a no brainer. Don’t be “Foolish,” see Ja Rule, Ashanti and Absen before the summer ends.

Ja Rule & Ashanti Natural Born Hitters Tour Schedule

Absen is one of the world’s largest and most financially secure LED display manufacturers. The Absen global team has completed more than 6,500 projects in over 120 countries with scoreboard and billboard installations across the United States. From baseball to soccer, basketball or even America’s favorite – football, Absen screens bring the details of the game to every fan at the game. Headquartered in Orlando Florida, Absen continues its expansion offering sales, marketing, parts & service support to our growing network of business partners.

KM Productions
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