Graduating from college is a one of life’s momentous occasions that you want to capture and remember forever. As colleges and universities have grown significantly over the years, so has the number of graduating students and family members that attend these major events. Often times universities have had to cap the number of family members that can attend simply due to available space. The bigger the space the farther away you may be from seeing your son or daughter walk across the stage. However, many universities are bringing in top rental & staging AV equipment such as broadcast cameras, LED video walls, audio and lighting to ensure that everyone can hear their child’s name being called and see them walk across the stage to receive their degree.

A great example of this is Miami University in Oxford, Ohio who has been working with Loud & Clear Inc., an event production company, for several years on their outdoor graduation ceremonies. When the time came to plan the 2017 Spring graduation ceremony, Brad Clark, this university’s event manager, again turned to Loud and Clear and their Video Department Head, Joe Potter, to be in charge of all the video and IMAG elements.

At the same time planning for the graduation ceremony was taking place, L&C Inc. was also in the process of upgrading their LED inventory.  Joe, who has worked with the X5 series multiple times during various partner-related events as well as during his Absen ACE training, suggested that they consider the series. “We needed outdoor rated tiles that would show content well not only in person, but also on camera as we are often tasked to record events to be used for promotional videos,” stated Joe Potter. However, just 6 days before the graduation ceremony was to take place, L&C Inc. ran into a problem. Having had a chance to review the sub-rented LED tiles originally scheduled for the event, they felt that the product would not provide “the level of quality and reliability our client and close friends at Miami Oxford deserved.  Our clients trust us with their events, so we provide trustworthy gear, no excuses.”

Since they had been in favor of the X5 after conducting extensive testing against other brands, Joe made a major request to his US Absen sales rep.  “I told Ted that if he could find a way to get 150 X5 tiles to me on site within 3 days we would commit to the full purchase,” stated Potter. “Within 48 hours Absen was able to turn the order around and had our new tiles dropped shipped to the site, which worked beautifully straight out of the box. Now that is what I call a top-notch LED partner!”

In the end, Clark and the staff at Miami University were thrilled with how the event turned out. “The screens looked great,” stated Clark. “Even in the direct sunlight, the colors were vibrant and clear.”