The M Revolutionizes the LED Industry

Absen New M Series Revolutionized the LED Industry

LDI attendees blown away by the advantages of Absen’s latest rental and staging product

Orlando, Florida, USA (November 1, 2016) – Absen Inc., a leading LED display manufacturer, launched its new high performance mobile LED – the M series at LDI last month in Las Vegas. The revolutionary mobile indoor product redefines the industry with not only amazing visuals but also a design that delivers an astounding return on investment. The M series is a complete mobile solution designed to meet the needs of the rental and staging industry.

Unveiled at the Live Design International Show (LDI), hundreds of guests attended the launch joining Absen for a live demonstration and hands on experience with the M. Absen showcased two 16’ by 9’ convex curved M series screens, one with a 2.3mm pixel pitch and the other at a 2.9mm pixel pitch.  These were complimented by another 16’ 2.9mm pixel pitch flat screen that was surrounded by hands on stations that allowed attendees to see and experience the M up close. Justin Mack, Director of Strategic Development, introduced the benefits of the M while beer, wine and hors d’oeuvre were served.

“It looks gorgeous from front to back! The content on the screen looked crisp, color accurate and stunning. I have come to expect that from Absen, but I was surprised by the innovation that went into the panel design. Looking at the back of the panel it was easy to see how this new product will make installations a breeze, save time and money throughout an event,” said Rex Williams of Digital Display Consultants. “We will be speaking to Absen after the show and look forward to adding them to our inventory.”

The M features a 16.8 lb. magnesium alloy frame that is 24% lighter than traditional panels making it easier to transport, hang, or mount. The made for mobile design uses universal smart modules that fit into any quadrant, meaning less spare parts to track as well as faster swapping of modules while at an event.  The plug-N-play core also swaps out in seconds, replacing the power and data in a snap. Front or rear serviceable, the M is built to keep the screen operating and easy to maintain in any conditions.

Ease of installation was also a key concern for panel design. The M road case is designed with angled horizontal storage so it is easy to grab the panels by the designed grip, carry them to their mounting location and lock into place without repositioning the panel or moving your hand placement. Panels slide into place with magnetic positioning plates and pins ensuring perfect alignment. Then just pull the trigger to lock into place. This single action locking system greatly improves installation times and reduces the amount of techs needed to install the screens. This patented ‘one action’ locking system is unlike anything else on the market. To release the tiles, grab the same grips, push the lock trigger, slip the panel off the wall and return it to the road case, without repositioning the tile throughout the entire process.

Flexibility of wall design was also a key concern when designing the M. Precise aligned curves have never been easier with the M series integrated curvability. Choose your curve by adjusting the side lock with a flick of your hand. 5° convex, flat or 5° concave walls are all possible without the need for additional brackets, tools, or equipment. Once the curve is chosen, just tighten to lock in place and continue with the next panel. M series hanging bars are designed to curve and a curvable ‘drop, pop & lock’ floor mounting system is also available. Both have multiple connection options so that no matter the project, the M never limits the imagination and creativity of clients.

Never has the rear of a screen gotten so much attention, but the key feature of the M series is still its picture. With crisper blacks, 7500:1 contrast ratio, and high refresh rates, the screen looks gorgeous in person or for broadcast. High viewing angles and brightness make the screen a perfect view in almost any location and the color accuracy brings any content to life.

All of these innovations in design help make the M series the very best return on investment LED product available. Every aspect of the design, installation, service, dismantle and storage is made simpler, faster and more efficient.

The M series was a highlight of the LDI show this year. The picture quality drew thousands into the Absen booth and helped win the Church Production award for the top 5 at LDI. Yet it is the design that will revolutionize the rental and staging industry and influence the LED industry for years to come.

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Absen Inc.
Absen Inc. is the US subsidiary of Absen, a leading LED display manufacturer. Its thirty-acre southeast China facility is ideally located in the center of the globes tech-manufacturing base. With a monthly capacity of over 75 million LEDs, this sophisticated factory creates cutting edge products that lead the LED industry in design, performance and efficiency. Absen Inc. the US subsidiary headquartered in Orlando FL has expanded its U.S. team by hiring local industry experts with extensive knowledge of market conditions, client needs and industry standards. Absen provides clients with high quality, innovative LED products at a great value.
With hundreds of installations across the USA, Absen has quickly become the LED manufacturer of choice for a variety of prestigious projects. Highlights include sporting venues for the NBA, MLS, and NBC; casino installations for MGM Grand and Caesars Palace; premier events including the Ultra Music Festival, Comic-con, and the Emmys; and digital signage in the heart of NYC’s Times Square.

Learn more about Absen at usabsen.com.