Built in the 1960’s, John Wesley United Methodist Church is a well-established community church located outside of the Houston area. Serving more than 3,100 members, it was looking to incorporate a visual element within the church’s sanctuary area to better display the various scripture lessons, song lyrics and other information during services. To help guide the church through this important AV enhancement, Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Marty Dunbar engaged with Eternal Media Solutions, a Texas-based AV installation company who has been serving churches since 2007.

Best AV Solution: Projection or LED?
Like so many other churches, its first thought was to do a projection installation. “While we did consider several major projection brands, it became very clear that the cost would be way out of our customer’s budget,” said Todd Schuh, a Principal at Eternal Media Solutions.

Due to the massive height and unique structure of the sanctuary’s vaulted ceilings as well as the large amount of ambient light, projection became a much too expensive solution. That is when Mr. Schuh and the Eternal Media Solutions team suggested to go with LED, specifically the Absen N4 LED solution.

According to Mr. Schuh, “In order to compete with the bright light coming through the windows we would have needed to install a very high-level lumen projector. However, the cost of just one 20K lumen projector was far more expensive than the total cost of two 11’ x 5’ video walls.” Even with the large amount of sunlight coming into the sanctuary, the video walls are currently set at only 40% brightness.

Mounting Challenge
Once everyone agreed on the solution to be installed a new challenge arouse for the Eternal Media Solutions team. The designated areas where the video walls were to be mounted are giant pillar-like brick walls that feature various angles with the internal structure made of steel. In order to determine the best way to mount the walls, a local structural engineer was brought in to assess the space. Not only did the church have custom-made mounts, but had them painted to match the brick color so the video walls almost look like they were floating.

Overall Impact
“We installed the Absen LED technology in our sanctuary for several reasons such as low energy consumption, less maintenance than traditional projection systems, and the ambient light from our windows,” said Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Marty Dunbar for John Wesley United Methodist Church. “The video walls are less obtrusive in our traditional space and the quality is unbelievable.  The congregation is so happy with the overall look of the technology in our sanctuary.”

“Thanks to the great image quality, price point and, more importantly, the high level of tech support provided by Absen itself, we couldn’t have been more pleased with how it all turned out,” said Schuh.