Take Advantage of 100% Financing
Absen knows the LED industry is competitive, that’s why we’ve partnered with the #1 largest private-independent finance company in the nation. Absen will provide the high quality LED equipment you need and Ascentium will provide the fast and flexible finance solutions to grow your business today!

Ascentium offers affordable payment options and a 100% Financing Program that enables you to include shipping, tax and other soft costs. This makes acquiring a complete solution even easier. Here’s how:

  1. Financing, leasing and working capital loans
  2. Application-only up to $250,000
  3. Instant credit decisions
  4. Simple one-page finance document

Experience a Consultative Approach
Through a consultative approach, your finance specialist will develop a payment option to match your cash flow needs. Some to the benefits of financing with Ascentium Capital include:

  • No or low upfront costs
  • Delayed payment options
  • Potential tax savings*

Call for a no obligation financing quote today!
VJ Brandon Gochai
Ascentium Capital LLC
W: 281.902.1970 | M: 248.829.0198
Absen@AscentiumCapital.com | Apply online: Ascentium.info/Absen

*Financing and instant decisions subject to credit parameters.