Congratulations to all graduates!

Absen America completed its last ACE training of 2016 last week in Orlando. This three-day training was filled with engineers eager to get their hands on the Absen LED tiles. “ACE is a wonderful opportunity to help technicians get the most out of our products” said Marketing Manager Jeremy Fish “and also for us to learn how to better assist them in the field.”

The ACE program is designed for engineers, technicians and freelancers in the rental, staging, event and video industry. This three-day program educates and updates technicians on Absen products. The course starts with the basics of LED screens to more advanced technical issues. Technicians have the opportunity to learn and master new technologies, with hands-on experience troubleshooting real life scenarios. Attendees must pass an intensive exam to graduate.

Technicians are able to network with other industry professionals, learn from their experiences and join the Absen community. “I am always amazed by the talent and skill of those who attend our program.” said Absen Key Account Manager Evan Stevens “with our help they can bring their creativity to life.” After ACE, graduates continue the cohort experience with ongoing communication between graduates and Absen through our secure tech support website and social media. The ACE program is an added value to the graduates for them to succeed in their LED projects.

Absen backs their customers with technical support and offers a reliable team that you can count on. Absen sees business as more than a transaction, it is a start of a relationship!

Students getting their hands-on the A2Pro

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