Denali Media Holdings, based in Anchorage, Alaska, was formed to engage customers in today’s changing media landscape and produce full HD content and deliver it over cable, broadcast, web, and mobile. Denali’s history with Alpha Video goes back to their inception in 2012, and when Denali was looking to replace aging LCD monitors, they looked to Alpha Video.

Location alone provides its own challenges for Denali Media, however, with extensive experience and having worked with Denali for the past several years, Bryan Nelson, Account Executive at Alpha Video, knew how to tackle these obstacles and provide the best service possible to Denali.

In addition, Denali was looking to replace their aging LCD monitors with a high definition, low power, and low heat, long-term solution. These older LCD monitors had already been replaced once in only 4 years.

To solve these challenges, Alpha Video installed the Acclaim Series 1.9 mm pixel pitch Absen LED display wall and controller. This replaced five 55” LCD commercial monitors and all of the associated scalers used to create the matrix display. The Absen video wall uses a single HD-SDI input and is easily scaled to the input provided. The new video wall will be placed behind the KTVA anchor desk and used to display live beauty camera views of Anchorage.

“The quality of the image displayed is stunning,” said Erik Kuhlmann, Director of Engineering and Operations for Denali Media Holdings. “From talent and operations to our viewers, the definition of the new display is beyond compare.”

When asked how it was working with Alpha Video, Kuhlmann responded “Bryan [Nelson] made the entire process a breeze. From the initial conversation and exploration of options down to the nuts and bolts of the installation as well as scheduling the Absen on-site technician, Bryan was beside us every step of the project.” Kuhlmann added “I would absolutely recommend Alpha Video as a technology partner for any entertainment or media needs.”