ACE Training

Absen is committed to providing value added training to our partners and clients through our latest Absen Certified engineer (ACE)Programs. Since the program's inception in 2016, we have certified more than 600 engineers, technicians and freelancers across the U.S. and Canada.

ACE-r Training Session

Designed for the rental nd staging market, the three-day program educates and updates engineers and technicians about Absen latest mobie products.The coursegoes through the basics of LED displays to more advanced technical ssues.Engineers have the opportunity to learn and master new technologies, with hands-onexperience troubleshooting real life scenarios. with over 600 engineers already trained, our ACE team is an additional resource to ensure our rental and staingclients and thier partners get the most from our LED solutions.

ACE-i Training Session

219 marks the launch of urlatet course,ACE-iwhich is specificlly designed for todays fixed installation environments. During the three-day course, ANV integratorswill explore complex deployment scenarios through hands-on demos with Absen's latest Fixed Instal LED solutions. They will master new technologies incudingNovastar software as well as participate in a complex troubleshooting lab.

Why AttendFor Individuals:

Master new technologies-Develop competitive skills

Gain a thorough understanding of LED displays

Be recognized for your video equipment experience and expertise

Enjoy the reputation of being an Absen Certified Engineer

For Business Partners:

Increase your visibility through Absen's marketing channels

Gain a competitive advantage

Improve customer support

Save costs through in-house expertise

Enjoy a higher Return on investment from your LED panels


Absen Product Line - What to Use & when

Hardware Installation, Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Absen Pro HD & NovaStar controllers Training

Hands-On with NovaStar Software

Mapping 4K or Larger Screens

Setting-up & Mapping creative Displays

overview of Calibration settings

*Must Pass Written & Hands-On Exam to be Certified


We are glad to announce that the registration of 2021 ACE training has begun, please choose the training to participate according to your own time. If there are any changes to the program, we will keep you informed in advance. The seats are limited. Apply now if you are interested! If you have any questions of the ACE Training Program, please contact us at

We will have 2 ACE-R+ 5 ACE-l ,Pls see below

ACE-I (5/19-5/20)

ACE-I (7/14-7/15)

  ACE-I (9/22-09/23)

    ACE-I (11/17-11/18)