ABCOMRENTS, a leading provider of IT & Digital Signage Solutions, is expanding their inventory with the latest Absen LED tile: the indoor 2.6mm X2v from Absen’s Mobile Indoor/Outdoor Xv-series launched at InfoComm this past June.

ABCOMRENTS has purchased a total of 2,000 indoor X2v tiles for rental use. As part of the purchase agreement, Absen will provide ABCOMRENTS with an additional 2,000 matching tiles that will be available for resale, ultimately providing a total of 4,000 matching tiles.

“Absen has a long-standing and strong partnership with ABCOMRENTS in providing the top LED technologies to its customers, states Allen Lu, President for Absen Inc. “Now with ABCOMRENTS as our ‘Market Maker’ for the X2v, we are able to further demonstrate Absen’s commitment and investment to the rental & staging industry.

Designed specifically for the rental & staging industry, Absen’s Xv-series sets a new standard for modular LED tiles. The unique 500x562mm (8:9) LED tile dimensions and 2.6mm pitch means combining two tiles horizontally creates a 16:9 form factor with a 384x216 (16:9) resolution. The new sizing structure can eliminate the need for content to be stretched, distorted, or cropped to fit the screen size.

Like other Absen tiles, the indoor X2v tiles can be curved. Integrated latches provide easy concave or convex curving at +5, 0, and -5-degree increments. For other curve angles, custom brackets are available.

“The Xv-series is a game-changer for indoor and outdoor displays. Up until now, the standard in our industry has been LED tiles that are square. That’s great for piecing them together to make larger sizes, but it distorts image resolution. The Xv-series allows you to build true 16:9 walls, which is the norm for TVs, touchscreens, computer monitors and the like. These new tiles are rectangular which means native HD aspect ratio can be achieved no matter how large the screen size,” explained Sonny Goyal, Managing Director of ABCOMRENTS.

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